Secret Chinese Delivery

or CALL FOR PICKUP: 323.913.0071

Thank you Silver Lake and environs.  Delivery will resume from our new DTLA location on Wednesday, May 4th.  Dine-in, Lunch and Late-night to follow.  New menu items too.

 (v)= vegan (gf)= gluten free   *house made sauces*   *no msg*   *gluten free soy sauce*  *organic and no gmo when possible*   *organic brown rice flour*



chef’s choice – no hints — $6

DUMPLINGS $7  (6 per order) – made fresh daily

pork & leek
dark greens veggie (v)
gulf shrimp & fresh chive


petite egg drop soup — $3 (gf)
not dill pickles — some sweet, some spicy –$5 (v)(gf)
crab rangoon (5) – Canter’s double whipped cream cheese, real crab, tossed in everything bagel seasoning, served with housemade duck sauce — $9
“shang chai” ny style reuben egg roll (2) – jenn’s hometown corned beef, brassica and brine “the classic” sauerkraut, swiss cheese, housemade russian dressing – $9
veggie egg rolls (2) – hand cut veggies, curry spiced, served with homemade duck sauce & hot mustard — $6
agave-beet char siu baby back ribs — $9
cold sesame peanut noodles – kale, housemade pickles — $9 (v) add chicken + $3
“bao down” (2)- sandwich style char siu pork or chinese bbq brisket, housemade pickles – $9


mary’s free range orange chicken – organic rainbow chard, fresh oj, local honey– $14(gf)
general tso’s chicken – organic cauliflower, toasted chilies, tso spicy  — $14(gf)
sweet and sour pork – red roast pork, fresh pineapple, organic bell peppers — $12(gf)
honey walnut shrimp – lightly battered wild gulf shrimp in our local honey walnut aioli — $16(gf)
mapo tofu – organic soft tofu, organic cauliflower and beech mushrooms in spicy fermented broad bean chili paste — $9(v)(gf)
super chinese chicken salad – free range chicken breast, nappa cabbage, organic kale, heirloom carrots, farmer’s market mandarin oranges, cinnamon ginger walnuts, double ginger sesame dressing — $12(gf without wontons)


vegetable singapore noodles – curry, crispy chickpeas, scallions, chili oil – $11 (v)   add chicken, or red roast pork + $3  wild gulf shrimp +$3 combo +$3
“on the down lo mein” – fresh veg, chicken or pork — $11  add wild gulf shrimp or combo +$3
fried chicken kung pao noodles – tender fried chicken and thick noodles, tossed in a triple chile kung pao sauce — $12


veg fried rice – organic eggs, mushroom, squash, peas, carrots, topped with crispy kale — $11(gf)  add wild gulf shrimp +$3  sub eco-farmed brown rice +$2   combo — $14 (gf)      sub eco-farmed brown rice +$2
shrimp and pineapple chili fried rice – veggies, organic eggs, and cashews — $13(gf)  sub brown rice +$2
chicken fried rice – schmaltz, roasted chicken, veggies, organic eggs, crispy chicken skin — $11(gf)  add wild gulf shrimp +$3  sub brown rice +$2
pork fried rice – schmaltz, red roast pork, crispy chicken skin, organic eggs, veggies — $11(gf) add wild gulf shrimp +$3  sub brown rice +$2
lundberg eco-farmed steamed rice –  white — $2   brown — $2


american broccoli, chinese style – steamed and wok tossed with salt and garlic — $7(v)(gf)
“jump for choy” baby bok choy – dash of fresh oj, garlic, chilies – not spicy  — $7(v)(gf)
organic market green beans – lightly fried in hoisin, garlic & sesame — $8 (v)
chinese eggplant – lime, garlic, scallions –  spicy — $7(v)
organic kale and brussels sprouts – sweet soy, lime, peanuts — $8


fried organic banana speculoos spring rolls with nutella — $6
chocolate covered fortune cookies and cream ice cream —  $5 (dine-in only)